Make a Welcoming Home in Your San Antonio Apartment

Home sweet home: it’s what many people wish to experience when they move into a new apartment home. It may take some time to settle into a new place, but you’ll eventually forget that your apartment was ever strange and new and feel perfectly at home in your new San Antonio apartment.

Some of the following techniques can hasten the moment where you feel like you’ve come home and haven’t simply come back to the place where you sleep each night. If you’re in the planning stages of your move to San Antonio, or you’ve already moved into your new apartment home in Texas, consider the following to get you settled in and happy in your new home.

Measure Your Space Before You Buy New Stuff

Part of the fun you’ll have in moving into a new apartment is buying new furniture and decorative objects for your space. If you’re upgrading your space from a studio to a one-bedroom or you’re looking at moving into a two-bedroom San Antonio apartment, you may need to buy quite a few pieces of furniture, as well as decorative items and various furnishings.

You might feel like rushing out to get your new pieces as swiftly as possible, but the best way to decorate your new apartment is to unpack just about everything you can before making and purchases. You might assume you need a particular piece of furniture, but you may realize you don’t actually need that piece once you’ve unpacked and arranged a few things.

Create a Welcoming Lighting Scheme

Neighborhood of Stone Oak Apartments San AntonioLighting can create a very specific mood or feel for a room, and getting the right type of lights for your space can prove instrumental in creating a welcoming and homey atmosphere. Virtually everyone uses fluorescent lights today, and some apartment dwellers used LEDs, but these lights aren’t always the most satisfying in their colors.

You may wish to arrange your furniture and decorative items before choosing your lighting scheme. Sometimes all you’ll need to do is consider the color of the lights you already have. You might switch to some “warm” lights in your lamps, particularly if they’re currently filled with bright white lights that don’t have any warmth in their appearance.

  • Tip: If you’re interested in saving energy and are switching to LEDs, don’t simply choose the least expensive LEDs you can find. Instead, consider choosing your lights based on their appearance. You might have to pay a few dollars more for warm lighting that will create a soft and welcoming atmosphere for your bedroom or living room.

Don’t Forget the Curtains and Decorative Objects

A clean apartment that’s devoid of any decorations may not feel like a home, and you might find that your apartment feels more like an anonymous hotel room than the place where you live. Small touches like family photographs or trinkets that you’ve brought from home into each apartment you’ve lived in can have a calming and welcoming effect on the way your apartment feels.

Adding a few personal touches will make your apartment feel like a home, but you don’t need to worry about cluttering your apartment with needless junk or an excess of decorations. If you’re in favor of a modern or clean apartment, the simple addition of some curtains won’t clutter things too much, and you may even find you prefer the look of a few soft furnishings if you’ve chosen to decorate with dark colors like black.

Invite Friends Over for an Early Party

It might take you a month or more to get everything situated at your apartment, but you shouldn’t wait until everything looks absolutely perfect before getting out to socialize and inviting friends over for some conversation and food. Your friends won’t care if there are a few boxes left in the living room or if you haven’t yet put your pictures on the walls.

Your friends will enjoy getting to see you, they might offer some great ideas on decorating, and you can take a break from unpacking to have some fun with friends. Not only should you get out to see people right after you move, but you should also invite them over to your new apartment to make it feel more like a home where your friends will come to spend time with you.

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